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AE粒子插件全面教程Tutsplus Trapcode

AE粒子插件全面教程Tutsplus Trapcode


AE粒子插件全部教程Tutsplus – Trapcode In Action

由资深导演Christopher Kenworthy带领咱们学习运用红巨星出品Trapcode套件。Trapcode套件答应您创立粒子流,光束和Adobe After effects杂乱3 d作用。插件很简单的运用,但需求一些内部信息得到最多。本课程将让你疾速Trapcode专业知识,与实习例子来帮助你取得实习。

Trapcode Suite粒子特效套装
Trapcode 3D Stroke 2.6
Trapcode Echospace 1.1
Trapcode Form 2.0
Trapcode Horizon 1.1
Trapcode Lux 1.3
Trapcode Mir 1.0
Trapcode Particular 2.2
Trapcode Shine 1.6
Trapcode Sound Keys 1.2
Trapcode Starglow 1.6


Trapcode In Action – 1.1. Introduction to Trapcode介绍

Trapcode In Action – 2.1. Animating Particles粒子动画

Trapcode In Action – 2.2. Lighting and Colour灯火和颜色

Trapcode In Action – 2.3. Customising Particle Effects自定义粒子作用

Trapcode In Action – 2.4. Add 3D Particles To Footage增加三维粒子到素材

Trapcode In Action – 3.1. Creating Light With Lux运用Lux创立灯火

Trapcode In Action – 3.2. Visual Effects With Shine

Trapcode In Action – 3.3. Working With Starglow

Trapcode In Action – 4.1. Trapcode Mir Basics

Trapcode In Action – 4.2. Trapcode Mir Advanced

Trapcode In Action – 4.3. Trapcode Form Basics

Trapcode In Action – 4.4. Advanced Trapcode Form Interaction

Trapcode In Action – 5.1. Animate With Trapcode Echospace

Trapcode In Action – 5.2. Mastering Horizon

Trapcode In Action – 5.3. Fly Through 3D Strokes

Trapcode In Action – 6.1. Conclusion总结
Learn to use Trapcode Suite by Red Giant with this course by veteran film director Christopher Kenworthy. Trapcode Suite lets you create streams of particles, beams of light and complex 3D effects for Adobe After Effects. The plugins are quite simple to use, but it takes some inside knowledge to get the most out of them. This course will put you on the fast-track to Trapcode expertise, with practical examples to help you get hands-on.



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